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Collective Mind Framework and Repository is intended to describe, run, systematize and share experiments in computer engineering in a reproducible way!
Warning: this is an ongoing and continuously evolving project so please be patient or join our collaborative effort to systematize computer engineering!
Collective Mind long-term vision

Vision journal paper, ADAPT'15 workshop, ACM SIGPLAN workshop on reproducible research @ PLDI'14, Download cM source code, cM example for GCC 4.7.2 description for Android, cM plugin-based auto-tuning pipeline, Related publications and slides
cM Stats
Number of shared codelets and benchmarks: 442
Number of shared datasets: 489
Number of shared tools: 54
Number of classes: 177
Number of combinations of benchmarks and datasets: 6650
Number of total explored points in space: 440837
Number of latest explored points in space: 1223
Crowd-tuning demo (using Android Collective Mind Node)
Development and other news
cM engine version status